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Employer: Brehm Preparatory School, Inc.
Date of Hire: 10/24/2004
Title: Director of Information Services and Technology

  • Project manager for development of a national database that will assist educating students with learning disabilities, funded in part by U.S. Department of Education – FIE# U215K100165.
  • Implemented a stable sever environment with mixed nodes of Linux/BSD/UNIX(OS X).
  • Leveraging Munki, Reposado, Puppet, and custom cooked Bash scripts to highly automate our environment.
  • Significantly increased ROI and lowered TCO with leveraging Open Source technologies.
  • Brought online a unified data management system to manage the company’s data more effectively.
  • Significantly increased automation in the IT Department, using custom developed software and scripts.
  • Oversee DevOps Team and direct new projects as they come up.
  • Added wireless access to the entire campus.
  • Connected 3 satellite locations using OpenVPN technology.
  • Converted the campus to an entirely switch network.
  • Interconnected campus with single mode gigabit fiber.
  • Implemented a PC and Mac 1-to-1 laptop program for the students and faculty.
  • Started the FIRST Robotics Team – Megahurts 2219.

Employer: SchoolCenter
Date of Employment: 2004
Title: Software Architect

  • Designed and coded a very efficient distributed node e-mail system with fault tolerance, Spam and Virus filtering, archiving, web-based access, and capable of interfacing with POP & IMAP clients – for thousands of people around the world.

Employer: Southern Illinois University
Date of Employment: 2002-2004
Title: Technology Employee & Software Developer

  • Designed and coded a program to crawl the campus network and disable a port on a switch that a specified user was given without knowing where the user was.
  • Designed and coded the Information Technology’s software distribution site and authenticated against the campus AD server.
  • Designed and coded a system to help protect the campus network against viruses and p2p sharing.
  • Setup and configured the Information Technology’s server.
  • Responded to trouble ticket items.

Employer: Phoenix Computers
Date of Employment: 1998-1999
Title: Unix/Linux System Programmer

  • Designed and coded C / C++ client system modification requests.
  • Linux Shell Scripting (Bash), extensive use to automate routine tasks.

Employer: Olson Communications
Date of Employment: 1994-1998
Title: Network Administrator & Technician

  • Installed LAN and configured desktops and file server.
  • Restored company files from a catastrophic failure.
  • Repaired and replaced computers as needed.


  • (WINTER 2011, TABS Annual Conference) Leveraging Open Source & freely available technologies to streamline and lower technology costs.
  • (SPRING 2011, MIT) The applications of techniques in computational sciences to maximize the remediation and education of students with learning disabilities.
  • (FALL 2010, IDA 61st Annual Conference) How to profile, predict, and prescribe the most effective intervention path for students with learning disabilities.
  • (FALL 2010, SIUC) Accounting for externalities in a collaborative environment.
  • (SPRING 2010, SIUC) Designing autonomous mobile robots.
  • (FALL 2009, SIUC) Designing a wireless cryptographic communications system.


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